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Terms & Conditions


"Seller" means Hi-Pure Enterprises LLP

"Buyer" means the person, firm, company, or corporation who has given the order

Validity of Quotations and Prices given:

All prices given are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and Ex-Work Singapore (unless stated otherwise).

Calculation of prices quoted are in accordance with the quantities, weight, and/or dimensions ascertained at the place of dispatch.

Seller's quotation will be open for acceptance within the period stated unless withdrawn.

If no period is stated, the quotation is valid within thirty days after its date or as per agreement.


Payment made by Buyer must be based on the Seller's billing terms.

Buyer's orders will only be processed upon receival of signed acknowledgement and/or payment.

Storage fees:

Storage fee for Buyer's orders shall be equivalent to SGD 500 or 2% of the price of orders (whichever is higher) for each period of 30 days.

Storage fees are subjected to GST.

Urgent fees:

In the event of urgent orders or emergency services, Buyer may be subjected to an increase in prices previously quoted. 

Delivery fees:

Delivery charges are not applicable for orders within Singapore except areas such as Jurong Island and Tuas. 

For international orders, any freight or shipping charges will be billed back to buyer.

Delivery period:

All delivery dates provided in advanced by seller are estimated.

Seller bears no responsibility and shall not accept any liability for not being able to deliver buyer's order within the specified date, resulting from shipment/delivery delays from their suppliers.

Defects after delivery:

Buyer shall inspect the goods promptly upon/after delivery and shall report any noticeable defects, false deliveries or deviations from quantity in writing promptly, but no later than one week of delivery.

Buyer shall report hidden defects detected within 12 months after delivery.

Any notified defects shall not entitle the Buyer to refusal of due payments or further deliveries.


Warranty of goods shall be within 12 months upon delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

Seller will repair/replace free of charge any parts or products supplied and located in Singapore.

Seller will not hold any responsibility for any claim if they are due to;

Buyer's faulty installation, careless operating, handling or misuse of product, repairs or alterations carried out by parties other than Seller themselves, and external sources such as transit damage, weather etc. 

Seller have the rights to inspect and test the goods delivered to determine the extent of any defects as well as the validity of claims requested under warranty.

Title of goods:

Seller retains the title to goods delivered (goods subject to retention of title) until complete payment of all claims from these goods are received.

Cancellation of orders:

Cancelled orders are subjected to a restocking fee of 90% of the invoice value.

Products fabricated and customised to suit Buyer's requirements and specifications are not subject to cancellations.

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